SeaLife is dedicated in creating beautiful aquarium displays which are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Whether it will be at home, office or lobby, your “living art” will be the centerpiece of any room. We work closely with top notch cabinet and aquarium manufacturers who can complete any desired aquarium, located in a wall or on a stand alone cabinet and canopy. See our gallery section to view the different aquarium shapes available.

Our expertise is to design an efficient aquarium system which allows our clients to only have to feed the livestock and sit back and enjoy. Our ultimate goal is for you to not be hands on, and to let us do all the work.

We are also known for our ability to design aquariums with certain fish’s specialized filter requirements and their unique decorative hideaways. We are not limited to one type of specialized aquaria. We are knowledgeable in saltwater reef, saltwater fish-only, and freshwater environments.

We are experienced with all levels of complexity, from high end, state of the art equipment and systems to the simple “hang on the back” power filter. If you desire the high intricate of aquarium equipment, we can provide and install any unit available and/or we can design a simple, but yet proven efficient system.

We can design systems that are allotted only a limited budget to aquariums of any size. We will work with you in creating any aquaria preferred.

Thanks for the great service.I wish I would have found you sooner.

— Saratoga Resident, Jordan

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