Since we focus on the design, installation and servicing of aquariums, we have found it beneficial to use reputable manufactures to provide us with the aquariums, filters, and cabinetry. We sell acrylic and glass aquariums from different manufacturers.

TruVu is our main provider of acrylic aquariums since they are local and create an excellent product. We have never had a problem with any of their aquariums or custom sumps and we use their wet/dry filters because they are definitely the most efficient in the market.

Tenecor is another acrylic manufacturer of acrylic aquariums located in Arizona. We use them for 1000 gallon aquariums and above or whenever we need custom reef inserts permanently attached to the back of the aquarium.

We use Oceanic and All Glass as our manufacturer of choice for glass aquariums.

ACW, Inc is our choice of custom cabinetry. They manufacture aquarium cabinets and canopies for glass and acrylic aquariums in different shapes like the standard rectangle aquariums, as well as, pentagon, hexagon, flat back hexagon, corner, bow front, half circle, bio cube and as small as a nano reef. They do not mass produce. All of their cabinets are custom made to order, and therefore, may take 3-4 weeks for delivery. They can also build cabinets inside your walls.

We use local fish wholesalers who transship all of their livestock of fish and coral. We hand pick every specimen to ensure quality and health. All fish are quarantined for 3-4 weeks before they are introduced to your show aquarium. Corals are dipped into a safe chemical to ensure no flatworms make it into your reef aquarium.

Our tank has never looked so good with all the beautiful fish: this is the way an aquarium is supposed to look.

— San Mateo Resident, Andreini

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