SeaLife takes pride in all of our installations. Having installed well over 100 custom aquariums, we can certainly say that we have the experience to design and install any size unit. We make sure all of our plumbing is leak proof, and not a fire hazard. Most of our installations are completed within a day and a 24 hour follow-up inspection is conducted to confirm that the plumbing is leak free.

Aquariums are normally installed next to high end flooring and cabinetry. With that in mind, plumbing your aquarium correctly is of the utmost importance. There are 2 types of material used to transfer your aquarium water to filters, flexible tubing and pvc. For smaller systems, our choice of plumbing is to use flexible hose. This allows us to clamp the hose to a threaded nipple screwed into a bulkhead guaranteeing no leaks. The flexible hose can go straight from a water pump to a return nozzle or from an overflow to a filter without any couplings. Gluing pvc has a higher percentage of leaks because of the number of couplings and elbows needed. We have seen pvc pipe slip off of a bulkhead gushing gallons of water onto the floor. However, for larger systems requiring long distance plumbing (under the house, through the garage or to the next room), we do recommend pvc plumbing because it is ridgid and kink-free. Flexible hose tend to kink at long distances. Heavy duty bulkheads are also the preferred choice.

The tank always looks outstanding, and you are a pleasure to work with.

— Business Lobby, Redwood City

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