The exquisite beauty, the gracious movement of saltwater fish is magnificent to the eye. The calming effect is satisfactory to the heart. It’s no wonder that many doctors and dentists have these beautiful aquariums in their waiting room area. It is a proven medical fact that the presence of a beautiful aquarium lowers blood pressure and relieves anxiety. Patients need to be relaxed before speaking to a doctor or having their teeth examined.

Whether it is in the lobby of your company's building, in the office or at home, an elegant aquarium is a great conversation piece. As a visitor or customer enters your lobby or office, a well kept aquarium will leave them with a lasting impression of your company. Also, during stressful times of work, being able to see beautiful, exotic and peaceful fish will leave you with a sense of tranquility.

An aquarium at home is an excellent choice of decoration. It is often said that a reef aquarium is considered a piece of living art, painting or picture. Your guests will comment on how wonderful it is to successfully bring a part of a living reef into a closed habitat.

You do a wonderful job so it would only make sense that business is doing so well for you...keep up the great job and service you provide at Sea Life,
I would recommend you to everyone and anyone who has interest in fish tanks and maintenance! Thanks again Jeff!

— Saratoga Resident,
Jeff and Heather F.

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