"Jeff and the SeaLife Guys have been GREAT for us at Creighton Law Offices. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. We've had our aquarium for almost four years. Jeff and his crew ordered our aquarium, set it up, and have serviced it weekly ever since. When Jeff tells you he'll be at your office at a certain time, he means it! He's and the guys have always on time to service our aquarium. However, if they are ever running late or delayed, they always call to let us know.
  2. I consider Jeff to be an expert on marine aquariums, including the coral and fish-and which fish exist well with which coral. However, even an expert needs to look up an answer every once in a while. So, when Jeff isn't sure about something, he investigates the problem, finds the answer, and gets back to me in a timely fashion. That's all that any of us can ask for, right?
  3. We love our aquarium, the fish, and the coral that Jeff has procured for us. However, if any of these beautiful creatures doesn't do well and passes on-which doesn't happen often-Jeff happily replaces the former member of the aquarium with a new specimen at no charge, or at a greatly reduced charge.
  4. Jeff's team of guys-Ronald and Roland-is professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. We know that our tank will be properly cleaned, the water tested, and all results will be provided to Jeff immediately. If any adjustments need to be made (e.g., to the chemicals, etc.), then they are made and the guys explain what was done and why.

Finally, whatever the difficulties we've had-and they have been quite few-Jeff has always 'made it right.' I cannot recommend Jeff and his team at SeaLife highly enough. Give Jeff a call; we love our aquarium."

Creighton Law Office

"You do a wonderful job so it would only make sense that business is doing so well for you...keep up the great job and service you provide at Sea Life, I would recommend you to everyone and anyone who has interest in fish tanks and maintenance! Thanks again Jeff!"

Saratoga Resident, Jeff and Heather F.

"Our tank has never looked so good with all the beautiful fish: this is the way an aquarium is supposed to look."

San Mateo Resident, Andreini

"Since taking responsibility over our tank, the level of service, knowledge and communication has never been higher. You have been able to turn our tank around when it needed it so desperately."

San Bruno Company Lobby, Michael Johnson

"People usually come into our dental office very nervous. Luckily, the elegance of the aquarium really helps our patients relax, especially the children."

Milpitas Dental Center

"The brilliant colors of our salt water fish and coral are a direct result of the time SeaLife puts into servicing our aquarium."

San Jose Resident, J. Carranza

"Thanks for the great service. I wish I would have found you sooner."

—Saratoga Resident, Jordan

"The tank always looks outstanding, and you are a pleasure to work with."

Dr. George Wilkinson, Redwood City

"Not only do they keep our aquarium sparkling clean, he is always on time."

San Jose Resident, Dr. Tabora

"Being able to glance at my aquarium when I'm sitting at my desk really helps me get through the day."

Coulter Construction, Mountain View

"It's amazing how much time my 2 year old pays attention to our aquarium."

Campbell Resident, Doug Knapp

"Our aquarium started off as a disastrous 180 gallon reef nightmare. Now that SeaLife has taken over, now we have a masterpiece display."

Palo Alto Resident, Hilary

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